2013 – November #1

First day!



Errol: I realized that I made a mistake in yesterday’s comic. “Hello and welcome the Nanowrimo Kickoff Party!” And none of you pointed it out? You are welcome to, by the way, I don’t mind people correcting me. *laugh* The most viewed comic of this year, and of course I made a mistake. Wouldn’t you know it?

And huzzah! IT’S NOVEMBER 1st! And did I write at midnight last night? No. In fact, I may have gone to bed at 11pm. So much for 1667 words today (gig tonight, no writing for today).

Victoria: I really feel like I should say something inspiring here about Day 1, but AAAAHHH I need to write! EVERYONE GO WRITE. YAY!

However, just to leave you with some music…

From the NaNoMusical is this song called November 1st. You can purchase it if you like, since all proceeds go to NaNoWriMo

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