Arrest of ‘Antigraft’ Judge Shows Depth of Indonesia’s Corruption Crisis

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When agents from Indonesian’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) hauled a sobbing judge from his Jakarta residence on Wednesday night, it looked like a re-run of dozens of other arrests in this chronically corrupt country — right down to the huge pile of banknotes (in this case $595,000) found in the crooked official’s home. But Akil Mochtar was not just any crooked official. In a startling demonstration of just how far graft in Indonesia has reached, investigators this time had nabbed the chief justice of the Constitutional Court, which sits side by side with the Supreme Court as one of the two highest courts in the land.

This apex judicial official was charged with accepting bribes to fix two cases of disputed district-head elections. The antigraft agency also arrested a few other people, including a legislator from the Golkar Party — the political party Akil once belonged to — who also…

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